07-24-10 Churchill’s Bunker

One of the more interesting places we visited while in London this summer was the command center bunker that Churchill and others used to run operations during the London Blitz. It was very well preserved and the room that presented the history of Churchill and London’s survival during WWII was impressive.

As you may know, Churchill had his idiosyncrasies and faults but his strong leadership during the War made up for these. In the bunker museum, there was a great quote from Churchill: “We are worms. But I believe that I am a glow worm.”

Another quote attributed to Churchill (but not displayed in the museum) goes something like this: A woman at a dinner party said to Churchill, “Sir, you’re drunk!” Churchill’s response was “Madame, you’re ugly. At least in the morning I’ll be sober.” I wonder if a president could get away with this kind of repartee?

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