Not THE Teton

I’m not sure what you know about the Grand Teton in Wyoming but I will tell you that it is 13,775 feet tall and is the second highest peak in Wyoming. I will also tell you that one version of the origin of its name is that a French-Canadian explorer looked at it and said, “That looks like a ‘grand teton,'” which is French for “big breast.” Leave it to a man wandering for months in the wildnerness with a bunch of other men to look at a mountain peak and see female body parts.

So what does this photo have to do with the Tetons? Well, I certainly don’t look at these landforms and see tetons. I’m not that kind of person! But I must admit that this vista, which I have seen dozens of times, is sensuous – in part because it is pleasant scene. More than that, though, it is on the last leg towards the place where I kept my boat on Lake Oahe for 15 years. It therefore meant that I was minutes away from seeing the beautiful expanse of the Little Bend area of Lake Oahe. By this point of my 4 hour journey from Watertown, I was very focused on what it would feel and sound like to be under sail again.

So I suppose if I were naming this landform, it wouldn’t be “Petite Sein” (you’ll have to look that up). Instead, it would be “Étant Sur le Point Arrive,” which means “Almost There.”

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