The Orange Sailor

It is a rare event that I have the pleasure of sailing with one of my sons. I would also imagine that it is a rare thing that anyone sails on Lake Oahe with the official FIFA World Cup colors of the Netherlands football team. But both were true yesterday as my son Brian and I headed back to the Spring Creek marina after a night in Mission Creek.

“Sailing” isn’t exactly what we are doing here, since the wind was unreliable. But it was a beautiful morning with the sky just beginning to clear. And I suspect that Brian’s bright orange shirt made us visible to both fish and fishermen.

Canon 5DII 1/250s f/11.0 ISO200 17mm

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  1. Hey, Scott — just found your blog via Brian’s Facebook. Tremendous photos — I’ll be spending some mental-vacation time paging through the archives this Friday afternoon!

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