London, Paris & Rome – 1999

I came across this photo by accident this morning and decided to post it on the off chance that someone pictured looks at this blog from time to time. I suspect that a photo like this has very little meaning to anyone other than me and those pictured, though it may be interesting to study the people and their various reactions to the fact that I was taking yet another “group photo.”

This photo was taken in Florence, Italy, not too far from the Duomo. The trip took us to London, Paris and Italy. I have fond memories of our travels, in part because of the young people I traveled with (including my son, Brian) but also because my friend Scott P. joined us.

I haven’t traveled with students in several years and I miss it. Even though bus rides and tight itineraries are not my style of travel these days, I always enjoyed being surrounded by the un-jaded enthusiasm of young people learning about and then embracing the virtues of foreign culture and history.

I also think it is safe to say that there isn’t person in this photo that wasn’t changed in some profound and positive way by the experience. And, of course, I was always happy to be part of that.

Incidentally, the people pictured (in no particular order) are: Brady Warrick, Karl Ehresmann, Chris Bartelt, Christine Harte, Sarah Berg, Leah Reichling, Leah Bergan, Meagan Schmidt, Erin Strickerz, Heather Beck, Theresa Steichen, Nicole Berg, Brian Shephard, Micah Likness, Jason Jungers, Amber Gregersen, Cathy Barkley, Sandi Hagen, Anne Madison, Lori Reichling.

If you know any of these folks, please forward the link to them. If you are one of these people, I’d love to hear from you – especially impressions that you might have about your experiences in Europe in 1999.

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  1. Posting that picture brings back wonderful memories. That was a great trip made that way by a great group of people. Before this tour my only previous trip to Europe had been in the summer of 1971. After that trip I was in Europe at least once every year through 2008. I am not sure that would have happened without such a positive experience with this group. Many times I have wondered where they all are today. Doing well I hope.

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