Mom & Dad

My dad died 10 years ago today and while I have posted a couple photos of my mom on this blog, I have yet to do so with Dad.

I think that this is the last photo I took of my Mom and Dad together and it was taken a few years before my dad died. It is probably just me, but I think my mother is almost radiant in this photo. Later in her life, it was very difficult to get a decent photo of her because she came to dislike the camera. I don’t know why.

On the day that my dad died, I was sailing in a good wind on a hot day on Lake Oahe. When a boat motored close to me and the owner of the place where I kept my boat yelled to me that I needed to call home, I knew it was about my dad. He passed away comfortably sitting in his favorite chair at the age of 83.

I miss them both very much right now.

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  1. Your mother IS radiant in that photo. Clearly she is a happy woman. Your father looks content, comfortable where he is and where has been. That is a great photo showing the character of both of them.
    I do not believe you can tell unhappy people, “Smile, I’m going to take your picture,” and they can instantly transform what’s in their hearts just for a moment while a shutter opens to record their images. Ever seen a photo of you frowning while sailing or me scowling when holding up a big fish?

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