Imminence – Sunrise, August 21, 2010

I had spent Friday, August 20, 2010, making small repairs to Wandering Star and then sailing, motoring and swimming on a hot, August day on Lake Oahe. Deb drove out from Watertown after work and arrived around 8 PM. I said, “We’re going to Hurricane Bay.” Because the wind had died to whisper, we motored west a few miles and dropped our anchor in a narrow, protected channel of the bay. We were alone. On this clear, warm evening it seemed like we had the bay, the lake and a billion stars all to ourselves.

The next morning, we woke up well before sunrise and around 6:30 we pulled up anchor and motored out into the main channel to watch the sunrise. The weather forecast said it was going to get to 100 degrees Fahrenheit on this day. But in the pre-dawn moments, it was beautiful. And just as the sun started to light up a band of clouds close to the horizon, I took this photo.

Yes, it’s “just another sunrise shot” but like my “just another sunset shot” from several weeks ago, there is much more here than meets the eye: I was with my favorite person on my favorite boat in one of my favorite places. Some would call central South Dakota on a 100+ degree day “god-forsaken.” I would say that you must have your senses shut down if you aren’t seeing god here – especially in a beautiful, quiet sunrise like this.

(See this on Panoramio.)

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3 thoughts

  1. The picture is awesome and will certainly refresh the senses and memories when I need an escape from the sub-zero temps and snow that we’ll have before we want it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Just what I needed as I’m finishing sermon preparation that includes you and the Wandering Star. Some pictures need no narrative. With this one, the words add depth and beauty. Thanks, Billy.

  3. I love your photos. I have a 22 foot sailboat (Rhodes 22) and I have had my eye on Lake Oahe. I might just trailer her up there some summer and go for a cruise.

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