He Lost His Head!

Yesterday we were inside of the Notre Dame cathedral and today we have stepped outside and are looking at the west facade. More specifically we are looking at carvings next to one of the three sets of doors into the cathedral.

The man holding his head is St. Denis. He became a saint in part because the miracle he performed was to be martyred by being beheaded, then to reach down and pick up his head and walk 6 miles north of Paris, preaching the whole way. He finally died. And they built a basillica to honor him. Not bad for a day’s work.

In researching this post I learned a new word: cephalophore. A cephalophore is someone who carries his/her own head. Try working that into your casual conversation today!

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One thought

  1. I didn’t know that about St. Denis or chephalophore. Does it count if I bring it up in conversation with Brian? It may start with, “how do you pronounce chephalophore?” And then go with “who does that?!”. Clearly, St. Denis.

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