Things Unseen

I’ve said before and I’ll probably say it again: photography has the power to force the viewer to see things that are often ignored. We ignore them because either we don’t have the time, the inclination or the interest. Those of us who capture images might say that some people just don’t have “the eye.”

I can tell you that I’m still learning to see and that I have a long ways to go. To see the lines, to see the color and ultimately to see the importance of objects is part of what I am learning. Maybe I could say that about life in general?

Here is a single goose feather stuck in landscape rock at the Terry Redlin Center in Watertown, SD. Now that I’ve forced you to look at this, you might think “that’s nothing special” or “there’s no real color” or “where is the rest of the bird?” I look at it and see something I’ve never really seen before – the delicate structure of each part of the feather. When I look at this picture, I wonder how much beta testing went into this design before it actually worked?

Sometimes a good photo will raise more question than it answers.

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