The Journalist

When Deb and I travel to Europe, I generally create the itinerary and take care of all the details before we leave: plane and train tickets, hotels and auto rentals. Once there, when we aren’t on a train or plane, I drive.

So “What does Deb do?” you ask. Aside from giving me constant advice and helping me keep track of lenses, chargers and ipods, she participates in our “travel democracy.” Nobody leads and nobody follows. Instead we jointly decide what we will see and do on any given day. It works well.

Beyond, that, I would say that Deb is the left brain and I’m the right. She writes about our travels and I picture them. This photo, of course, is evidence of our symbiosis.

For those who might wonder, in this shot, we are on a train going from Berlin to Dresden, Germany. I am taking a picture of Deb writing in her journal while a blurry women in the background reads a book.

Why did I convert the photo to black and white? It looks more “journalistic.”

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