I have 53,319 photos in my primary digital photo library. These are photos I have taken between 2002 and the present. I don’t expect you to be impressed with this number – I’m not sure I am. I think many of these photos should be discarded.

But, because I run out of things to post here, I am happy I have so many photos because it allows me to “throw a dart” when I’m stymied. Today, I randomly picked photos from May, 2009, and this one jumped out at me. It was taken at the amazing Mirogoj cemetery in Zabreb, Croatia. I wish I could tell you more about this monument but I can’t.

I can tell you that I like the woman’s gentle demeanor and that I also like the great bokeh in the backround. Finally, I like the fact that the background is in color and that the woman seems to be in tones of sepia, which seems appropriate for a stoney figure mourning in a graveyard.

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