8:15 am, August 6, 1945

Today’s photograph isn’t all that remarkable. But the artifact in the photo is. This watch was being worn by a Hiroshima resident on the day the first atomic bomb was dropped. The watch survived the bomb blast but it quit working at the precise time the bomb detonated – 8:15 am. You can find this watch in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum but I can’t tell you what happened to the person wearing it.

We visited Hiroshima in 2004 on our trip to Japan. Our son, Brian, took us there and I’m glad he did. The day we were there, we were sourrounded by Japanese citizens visiting this historic site and the memorial erected there. You would think that Americans might not be welcome at the bomb site and the museum. But that wasn’t the case, largely because the memorial grounds house a peace center that aims to eliminate nuclear weapons. And I’m sure the Japanese are more than eager to welcome us to this cause.

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