584 and Counting

Here are some statistics about this blog: Since February, “A Photo A Day” has had 9561 unique hits and 42,119 total hits. On any given day, some of my viewers visit because they know about this blog. But I also get visitors using Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. to search for things like “flying geese,” “amazing flowers,” “mycenae,” “Thad Titze,” “southern most point Hawaii,” and “Japanese school girls.” Those searches were all charted from yesterday’s hits. Every time I look at the search terms that got people to my site, I am humored and mystified. And sometimes chagrinned. (Japanese school girls!!!????). (Thad may be mystified by being subject of a Google search but I’m not. He’s going to be famous some day. And here’s the post that made my blog.)

I have also posted 584 day’s worth of photos and that’s what got me started on this post on statistics today. Being pretty right brained, I keep no master list of what I have posted. Thus, I rely on memory to keep from repeating myself. I can actually recall almost all of the photos I post, though I often can’t remember the specific photo I posted on any given day. My wife, who looks at the photos late in the day, will say “Nice photo today.” And I will often say, “What’s the photo?”

And today I don’t know if I have posted this particular photo before. I can tell you that the very first “A Photo A Day” photo was taken from this very spot. I visit this spot as often as I can, both “really” and “virtually.” I tend to go alone but today I am taking you. Thanks for coming along.

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  1. I wish I could say there is some good self-serving reason for my name coming up. I recently applied for an internship…maybe they were investigating.
    I hope they enjoyed my senior picture 🙂

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