The Beauty Is In the Details

Of course the saying is that the “devil” is in the details, but it’s hard to believe that when you look closely as the amazing amount of careful work that went in to decorating the interior of the Codington County Courthouse in Watertown, SD. The other thing that amazes me is that there are thousands of courthouses like this throughout the US. These structures were built at a time when there was enough time, talent and money to do such public works.

Incidentally, this photo, and other photos of the courthouse, were done for an assignment I gave my Lake Area Tech Photo/Media students. I figured that if I could assign the project, I could just as well do it. To see the product of this effort, go to my Flickr account here.

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One thought

  1. You should go to the Codington Count Heritage Museum and take pictures of the woodwork. Some of it was damaged from when the old Carnegie Library was used as a youth center. They had a basketball hoop set up where the museum store is.

    If you get the opportunity to go into the basement, there is a neat Pinocchio in the tiles buried beneath all the junk. It used to be the kids section of the library.

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