Frosty Hangers On

I was about ready to leave for work yesterday but I made the mistake of stepping into my back yard. What drew me was that I could see that we had gotten a good frost during the night. The other thing that drew me was the soft, filtered light coming from very thin cloud cover. This is an average bush, with average leaves. But it is very special light.

The other thing that helps this photo is the selective focus. You may see this photo differently, but my eyes are drawn initially to the top right corner because that is the brightest part of the photo. But I linger there only briefly because I am looking for something more sharply focused. So I follow the line of the branch until I lock on to the well-focused orange backlit leaf. Did I think of all of this before I pushed the shutter release? As Sarah Palin (and many South Dakotans, as well) would say, “Youbetcha!”

I ended up taking 50 photos yesterday morning but this is my favorite – at least right now.

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