11-23-10 Wonderful Freckles

I went looking for a portrait to post today, in part because I don’t post many and I thought it would be a good change of pace. As I was looking, this one jumped out at me.

There is really nothing fancy about this shot. It is a fairly standard head shot done outdoors in open shade. I know it’s outdoors because I can see the sky in the catchlights of Amanda’s eyes. The photographer is reflected there, as well, if you look closely enough.

What struck me about this photo is that the subject is clearly very relaxed and she has a very real smile – maybe even a Mona Lisa smile. I also like Amanda’s freckles. Generally, the eyes are the focal point in a head shot. And then what? In this case the answer is the pattern of freckles playing across her face gives the viewer’s eyes something more to do. My experience in taking photos of young people is that they wish they didn’t have freckles. But in Amanda’s case, I’m glad she did.

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2 thoughts

  1. From a post by Mike Salchert on facebook:

    “Interesting, I’m noticing more and more that the trend is to post process portraits heavily and smooth out all of the “blemishes”. Unfortunately this also means freckles. I see all those software ads in photo magazines with “before and after” comparisons one with freckles and one without and I often find myself preferring the before version.

    “Nice portrait.”

  2. freckles look great, much better than any makup
    the problem is, companies can sell makeup, freckles are free
    guess what gets considered beautiful lol

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