Walls of Glass

The most famous Gothic cathedral in Paris is the Notre Dame de Paris. But I think St. Chapelle is the most beautiful, primarily because there is so little stone and so much glass in the walls.

When I walked into this structure the first time, I stood for several moments in amazement. This structure was built in the 13th century. If I’m amazed, imagine how someone from the 1300s would have felt when walking into this sacred place the first time.

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4 thoughts

  1. Thanks Scott for reminding me why I loved St. Chapelle more than the other cathedrals in Paris, London, Rome & Florence…the light coming through all that blue glass.

  2. This is one of my favorite spots in Paris too. In fact I was just telling someone about it and am delighted to share your photo with him.

  3. When we first visited there I remember someone telling me there was more glass than brick in this building. I thought, “well, how much glass does brick have in it?” It took me a while to sort out what they meant. =)

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