Where Did All the Flowers Go?

If you are inclined to be philosophical, you might read deep, existential meaning into today’s picture and the title I gave it. Yes, I suppose you could say, as Macbeth did, that life is a “walking shadow” and a “brief candle signifying nothing.” And you could say that nothing better symbolizes this sentiment than twisted, dead flowers, bent by age and time, standing in a garden covered by snow.

But don’t give in to this depressing thought! Here’s a happy thought: the flowers in this garden have gone to sleep and will soon wake up in all their glory. In fact in a few short days, the days will start getting longer. Spring and summer are surely around the corner. 🙂

I read an interesting article that suggested that because Macbeth lived in a northern climate, with short winter days, he might have been so pessimistic because he was suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). If he and his Lady could have had a couple weeks on the beach in Mexico, the story might have been very different. . .

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