01-29-11 Efficiency

Little Italian Car

Sometimes this blog attempts to be an artist enterprise but I’ll have to admit that after over 700 posts, I’m running low on art. So today I am using this blog to document evidence of a lifestyle very different from our big-pickup-4-wheel-drive-our family-of-4-has-5-cars mentality.

What you are looking at is a cute, yellow car parked neatly along a backstreet in Rome, Italy. If you saw the price of fuel and the size of back streets in Rome, you’d know what this car would be a smart choice.

Notice that it has three wheels and that it’s plugged in. How’s that for efficiency?

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2 thoughts

  1. Looks like it’s plugged into the bicycle! Never been to Rome but pan to visit frequently when Kely moves there this summer. PS have any pictures of Italian bicycle events?

  2. Sorry, but in my trips to Italy, I’ve never encountered an Italian bicycle race. Roman traffic seems to boarder on chaos and I’m thinking that riding a bike could be very dangerous. In fact, crossing a crosswalk with the stop light in your favor can be challenging.

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