Neither Holy, Nor Roman, Nor An Empire

The title of this post is from a statement made by Voltaire about the Holy Roman Empire, which was founded by Charlemagne in 800 AD. Even though the HRE may have had dubious value, the Emperors had great clothes and nice crowns. This is one of several in Vienna, Austria.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you the “Holy Hand Grenade.”

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8 thoughts

  1. That crown is really beautiful. What was the crown used for? Was it used for coronation or was it the crown that they wore the whole time they were ruling?

  2. What is the HRE, and What does it have to do with the Roman Empire. I like the blue sapphire that is located on the top of the crown. How did Charlemagne ever find the Roman Empire? I Believe this crown is worth a lot of money and is very beautiful.

  3. This is what appears to be a crown of some type. It looks extremely expensive, and i can imagine that many kings and queens had many things like this in there possession. 😀

  4. The crown is gorgeous! Anyone would love to be able to wear that. The Holy Roman Empire is sure making a statement! What all rulers wore the crown?

  5. The HRE was a powerful form of government and although it has many flaws it still ruled most of Europe during its time. At this time you might assume there is a lot of wealth for the Kings and Queens but it was hard to find the jewels that would go on their crowns but they still made it possible by having crows like these.

  6. the crown is very nice and unique…
    but the thing is with most leaders, come nice things.
    in my opinion… i think that they spent less money on there own style/protection/wants and not needs… they would all make life for other people better.
    they would have more money to spend on there ruled area. giving everyone a better place to live.
    but it is still nice.

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