The Orb of Power

“Monty Python and the Holy Grail” hit the theaters in 1975. The sophomores in my world history class were born 20 years later. And yet, when I show a photo of this symbol of power of the Holy Roman Emperor in my history class, someone inevitably says, “That’s the Holy Hand Grenade,” which is what it was called in the Monty Python movie.

This “Holy Hand Grenade” isn’t unique – many royals had one in their possession. But this golden treasure can be seen with other spectucular crown jewels of a long-dead empire in Vienna, Austria.

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  1. Have you got one of the Papal Rose? (A solid gold rosebush with 13 flowers–one for each of the 12 disciples + the crowning one for Jesus.) It is my personal favorite in that incredible treasury in Vienna. That’s because the Papal Rose is what Prince Frederick the Wise, Elector of Saxony, was offered by Pope Leo X. All Frederick has to do was hand over to Rome that upstart Augustinian Monk and professor in Frederick’s new university in Wittenberg. The guy named Martin Luther. Frederick refused and the rest is history.

  2. I think that this a cool thing because I don’t think that it is a grenade. All it does is stand for power and it lets people know that there is power to the person that has it.

  3. It’s cool how they have something like this to represent their power. How they have power over the world (the globe shape) and some power over religion (the cross). It’s really pretty and looks like it would be really expensive.

  4. Wow that is really beautiful to. It really makes me think of power. I have to wonder though, why is it called the orb of power or the holy hand grenade.

  5. I think it would be able to wear one of these just for one day. I would like to have people think that i am in complete authority. It surprises me that this isn’t very unique if i were to see it i would think i would have just scene something unique.

  6. what was it used for is it actually a grenade or some symbol of power the royals used to get into places like clubs or parties like its there badge saying im a royal?

  7. I really like the way royalty and Christianity are shared together and believed together and the great orb of power is a great symbol of power.

  8. This is a great symbol of power. It symbolizes this from the gold, because gold is extremely expensive and rare. It also symbolizes this from all of the jewels, rubies, pearls, and diamonds attached to it because they are very very hard to get minerals and usually only royalty was powerful enough to have them.

  9. This looks cool. What exactly was it used for, or was it just a symbol. And what are the origins of it? Did someone just make something and carry it around or something and it became a “thing” that rulers did?

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