Street Light

Early yesterday morning, I went out on the deck, where Deb, my wife, was standing. She said it felt a little like Hawaii and I politely disagreed, since it was 46 degrees it didn’t smell like the tropics. But it was hazy and humid.

As she started to list the things I had to do, I said, “Wait” and I went in to get my camera. I may not be in Hawaii but that doesn’t mean there is nothing exotic to photograh – such as our neigbors’ tree silhouetted against a street lamp and the deep purple morning sky.

Even though I liked what I saw when I framed this photo, the camera saw it very differently and that’s what I like about photography. Sometimes my camera captures things that I make better with software. But other times I see something and my camera makes it better with it’s own internal software. It’s a good relationship. . .

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