Rain, Fog & Trees

I drove up to what some people in Watertown call “Harmony Hill.” It was a foggy morning and I was thinking that I would get an interesting shot of the ethanol plant down below, belching steam into the early morning fog. But when I got to the top of the hill, I couldn’t even see the ethanol plant. But I did see this small group of trees, edged with the serpentine road that led to a nearby monastery.

This shot is pretty seriously Photoshopped, in part because I’ve been learning a few new things and I wanted to practice them. This photo had 4 layers before I flattered it to publish it.

Revision: I orignally posted a nearly square version but Jack’s post inspired me to look again at the original crop. Jack’s right: the full view is more “atmospheric.”

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One thought

  1. Interesting. You like the “square cop”. Aren’t cops by definition “square”?

    I like the wide shot.

    Like others of your great photos, I have been at this site, and the wide crop reminds me of how “alone” one can be in the fog – how wide and deep fog can be – how sound travels clearly on still, foggy days.

    To paraphrase Jim Thompson, “another great picture.”

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