St. Paul Cathedral

I wasn’t planning to photograph the St. Paul Cathedral yesterday morning. Instead, I went off to photograph the capital building in St. Paul, Minnesota. Unfortunately, there was scaffolding all over the dome. So I took photos of the nearby Cathedral.

Some of you are wondering if this photo is “real” or whether I put in a fake sky (or a fake cathedral!)? This is real, though it is actually two photos – my camera doesn’t have the ability to expose a bright sky and the north side of a building and make it look this this. In photography talk, it doesn’t have the “dynamic range” to do this.

Thus, I took two photos, exposing one for the sky and the other for the church and then combined them into one picture. This is called HDR photography. It’s a neat trick that helps the camera see things closer to how the human eye does. The human eye has an incredible dynamic range.

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