On the Green

He stood on the tee of the par 3 hole and felt a slight breeze coming from behind. With alacrity and confidence, he quickly made his club selection. (I think it was a 3 iron.) And then with an athleticism and tempo that only a person who plays golf once or twice a year could have, he stroked the ball. He couldn’t see the path of the white projectile because it was getting dark. He also needs new bifocals. But one of the younger golfers playing with him said, “I think it’s close.”

And it was.

The photo, incidentally, is the first time in two years that a guest photographer has had a photo posted on “A Photo A Day.” The photographer is my friend Jack, who told me that he was thinking of the Rule of Thirds when he took this shot.

I’m proud of Jack and I’m proud of the golfer for almost making a hole-in-one.

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