Another View

I think this is the third year I have photographed this lilly and this morning when I took my tripod and camera out to the garden, my goal was to try to see this beautiful plant in a way I hadn’t seen it before.

I have said before that photographers have the power to define reality by framing the field of view in ways that the human eye and brain don’t. Thus, we can show the “big picture” in a way that makes it interesting and we can move in close to show things that people wouldn’t normally look at. This photo is an example of this, I think.

When I took this photo, I stopped looking at the whole flower and instead looked at its parts, its lines and it colors. I also looked at how these parts related to the background. To me an important compositional element is the way the edges of the leaves define the green space in the middle.

Is it a good photo? I’m not sure that I could ever answer that question about one of my pictures. All I know is that I feel I met my goal of giving people a new way to look at the stargazer lilly.

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