Purple Dawn

This is pretty much the same view as yesterday’s post, though taken several minutes later with no sailboat to block the view.

Seasoned Oahe boaters all know that one of the most unusual features of the shoreline this summer is that for late August, things are still incredibly green. Pierre, SD, which lies just south of the reservoir, has had 8″ more rain than it normally gets by this time in August.

For the sake of comparison, check out this shot of the Little Bend camp ground taken in early September in 2005 when the reservoir water level was much lower and central South Dakota was experiencing a more typical dry summer. As I study the 2005 photo, today’s post makes it look almost tropical on the western shore of Lake Oahe.

For those who like analogies, check out another sunrise photo taken of the Missouri in mid-winter. The hues are similar, though the water temperature is a few degrees cooler. 🙂

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