Sunset Cruise

This photo was no accident, though I had no idea what I’d get when I starting taking photos of the water contrail behind my brother-in-law Scott’s boat last night on Lake Okoboji in Iowa. I like the glow of the sunset still visible in the background but I especially like the creamy, dark blue look of the water rushing under the boat.

Everything is blurred in this photo but I knew it would be since I was shooting with a pretty slow shutter speed and the boat was bouncing a bit.

I’m not sure I would have tried taking this photo a year ago because sharpness and a solidly held camera are part of my photographic process. But lately I’ve decided that it’s worth trying to take photos even if you meet with failure. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Canon 5DII 1/6s f/4.0 ISO1250 24mm

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One thought

  1. Hey, Scott. I can’t believe this photo came from your pointing and shooting off the back of the bouncing boat in the dark! Wow…pretty cool.

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