Minneapolis Moline

Being a city kid, I hadn’t paid much attention to tractors but I’m not surprised that, just as there is with makes of cars, there is tremendous brand loyalty to certain kinds of tractors.

If you asked Carl Tesch, diesel instructor at Lake Area Technical Institute, which tractor was best, I’m sure he would say, “Minneapolis Moline.” Evidence of this is that he’s got a multitude of them on his farm north of Watertown.

Last night we were invited to his place for a gathering of several past and present LATI instructors and he let my wife, Deb, drive one. I’m not sure that she had ever driven a tractor solo but she seems to look like she’s done this before. Maybe in another life?

Check back tomorrow for a post about our cuisine at the gathering: it’s called “pitchfork fondue.”

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  1. Minneapolis Moline are the only way to go! That is the brand my dad collects & restores. Way to go LATI, I knew they had excellent taste.

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