On August 6, 2011, 30 US troops, including 22 Navy Seals, died in action when the helicopter they were riding in was shot down in Afghanistan. One of these soldiers was John Tumilson and on the day of his funeral, his dog Hawkeye was allowed to attend. As a precedent for today’s post, you need to click here to see where Hawkeye chose to lie during the funeral. You might even want to read the article that accompanies the photo.

I had seen the story about Tumilson and his beautiful dog a couple weeks ago and today, when I was looking for something to post, I encountered a photo I had taken of the Monument to William of Orange in the New Church in Delft, Netherlands.

William was murdered by assassins’ bullets, but his loyal dog, clearly oblivious to political machinations and violence, seems to wait patiently for his master to rise to action.

Hawkeye, oblivious to precedents and analogies, was said to have sighed as he lay by Jon Tumilson’s coffin on the day his master was laid to rest.

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