The Old Farm – Another View

Ansel Adams is to Yosemite as Shephard is to The Old Farm. I’m no Ansel Adams, of course, but like Adams, I keep returning to the same subject over and over again trying to get the perfect photo. And I’m still looking for it. . .

Here are some previous attempts:

The Old Farm At Sunrise
Early Morning Farmstead

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One thought

  1. Hi Scott – I love this image, and would love to use it for the banner on a new WordPress blog that I am starting about americana music (see link above). I have taken the liberty to show you how the image would be used at the top of the blog. If you are agreeable, I will be sure to credit you and mention your site on the front page, if you do not agree I will remove the image immediately and keep looking for an amazing farm image like this one. Thank you for considering my request! Best, Matt

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