Morning Light

Mac would never pose for me, of course. So any interesting photo of him is a bit of an accident. I was actually trying to photograph the shadows of the shuttered light on the far wall of the living room when Mac jumped onto the back of the sofa and blocked the very light I was playing with.

At first, I was peeved but then saw the photo opportunity. I took 8 photos but this is the only one where his eyes aren’t shaded. I experimented with turning this into a black and white photo because I think there is a little too much color to distract us from the focal point – which is Mac. In the end, I liked the mix of warm and cool colors, including Mac’s orangish fur. To lessen the bright color of the sofa, I used Photoshop to create a vignette.

And now I like the color. I especially, like the bluish tint on the wooden shades contrasting with Mac’s color. And everybody knows that orangish and bluish are complementary colors.

For a little insight in to the creative and artistic side of photography, watch my screencast about how I edited this photo:

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