Even the collapsing window frame of an abandoned farm house shows a precise geometric pattern in the strong, morning light.

By the way . . . I sometimes wonder if people read my posts. More probably, you aren’t into words and you come to my blog to see what I’ve posted. From my blog stats it is more probable that you’ve done a Google search and all you want is a photo for your Powerpoint.

But for those who read, and who love wordplay, here’s a challenge: Look at my picture and turn your reactions to it into a haiku. Then post it as a comment. The prize to the best haiku posted will be a 5×7 mounted print of you favorite “A Photo A Day” blog post sent to your address anywhere in the world. Seriously. Contest ends 1 week from now. By the way a traditional Japanese Haiku has three lines with 17 syllables:

First line: 5 syllables
Second line: 7 syllables
Third line: 5 syllables

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17 thoughts

  1. So here’s my challenge in the form of a haiku:

    The strong, morning sun
    Shows lines in light and shadow.
    What do you see here?

  2. Brilliant, Mr. Gripentrog! Would you believe that I was actually thinking of you when I named today’s post. I really was. But who would have thought that my first entry would be a geometry haiku?

  3. Did not read the instructions first and was used to your annual appeal for 9-11 thoughts. Some of these thoughts fit 9-11 also (thanks Ryan Kremer)

  4. Congratulations to Dan Cronin for winning the 1st ever “A Photo A Day” Haiku writing contest.

    In case you think the fact that he wrote two (yes 2) haiku is the reason he won or that his second one (cute as it was) influenced the vote, it didn’t.

    In fact I had submitted all of the haiku to a panel of esteemed haiku experts (or friends that I thought might indulge me) and they voted for Dan’s well before his haiku question.

    The haiku was

    Wood of days gone by
    Shadowed with warm autumn sun
    Paints a new facade

    So congratulations and a 5×7 photo to Dan. I thought there were amazing entries and I will certainly try something again to fire up the left side of your brain.

    Thanks to all for contributing!


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