Mercurial II

I’ve compared water drops to mercury before in this blog. But for those who have seen beads of mercury, you’d have to admit that these water drops, photographed from the inside of my pickup’s front window, look more like silvery mercury than beads of water.

A good photo? You’ll make that judgement. A different view of reality? As a photographer, I try to offer that from time to time.

Incidentally, this photo was taken with a Canon SX230 HS, a palm-sized point-and-shoot camera. I’m impressed with its ability to blur the background. And provide a little bokeh! Notice, incidentally, that the tree in the background is blurred but that each water drop acts as a lens and offers a somewhat focused view of the same tree.

CanonSX230 HS 1/30s f/3.1 ISO640 5mm

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