Through the Bus Window

I went to Sica Hollow, west of Sisseton, SD, with several of my photo students. Sica Hollow is a state park that I thought would provide unique photo opportunities for photographers. We were closing in on the park when I thought I should take a photo. What struck me about this this scene, of course, is the color and the landscape.

When I took the photo, I was hoping to get the driver, Ronnie, and a well exposed landscape. The camera was a Canon SX230 HS and I was impressed with the range that this camera was able to capture in this photo – from the bright, blue sky to the subdued tones of Ronnie.

This may be one of those photos I like more because of what it helps me remember about this trip than because I think it is a good photograph.

For a little insight into the creative process that went into this video, watch this three minute screen cast.

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