In Bruges

Bruges (aka Brugge) is a beautiful small town in Belgium and Deb and I visited it a few years ago. In my quest to find a photo to post today, this one called me. I had abandoned it because it was overexposed in the brightest spots and way too dark in the darkest spot. But with the amazing power of Aperture (photo processing software) and the inherent wide dynamic range in a raw file, I was able to resurrect it – more or less.

I harp on focal points and making sure that our photos draw the viewers’ eyes in my teaching and I’m really not sure that this photo does a good job of engaging the viewer. But here is it anyway. . .

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One thought

  1. You are also your own worst judge. I think the eye is drawn to the red in the upper left and then follows into the picture to the green and back to the red roofs on the left by way of the water.

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