Here’s another photo from what I am now calling my “Rural Decay” series. It’s the little Metro van pictured yesterday. If you missed yesterday’s post, check it out here.

I’ve been doing a little research and have learned that the Metro was produced by International Harvester from 1938 to 1975, which is a pretty long run for a vehicle. It is a “step” van, and was designed for delivery of things like milk and bread. The milkman who used to deliver milk to our neighborhood drove a little van and I’m wondering if it wasn’t an IH Metro. I have fond memories of doorstep delivery of fresh milk and the man named Bob who delivered it.

This blue and white metro has a license plate that dates back to the 70s, though I’m guessing the van was manufactured a decade or so before that. This little van represents an interesting piece of history and I wonder how it ended up on a farm north of Watertown? Was it “put out to pasture,” so to speak? Did it have a function on this farm? Or was it simply abandoned here by some city dweller who no longer wanted it?

You can invent your own story. . .

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