Tiny Dancer

I am going on my third full day in New Orleans and I still haven’t found what I would called a “brilliant” photo. Nor has one found me. In analyzing this, I realized that when I’m not attending the photo conference I am at, I am more tourist than photographer. And there’s a difference.

The difference lies in intent, I think. I carry my camera almost everywhere but generally I am more intent on seeing things or on soaking up the culture and ambiance of New Orleans. I am not really intending on taking photos.

When I go out to take photos, normally nothing else matters. Hunger, thirst and often even self disappear. And when I’m a tourist, that generally doesn’t happen. And when I am in the company of people as I am at this conference, I can almost guarantee that it doesn’t happen.

Tomorrow is my last day here, and I will try to find the opportunity to become a photographer. Meanwhile, I am posting a photo I took near Jackson Square. Though the musicians were great, I found dancing girl especially intriguing.

By the way, I have a parallel Microblog called “The Things I See” and I’ve posted a few of the photos I’ve taken in New Orleans. Go here:

The Things I See

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