Summer Blue

For the last two days it has been foggy and because of the snow cover, it has been mostly white.

So I went looking for pictures of summer and this is what I found.

I suspect that this is one of those photos that has more meaning to me than anyone else. (Translation: it’s not a great photo but I like it.) But you do have to appreciate the pure blues of the sky and water in this photo.

And you should have been with me the morning I took this. It was one of those quiet mornings on Lake Oahe that I dream about. It was cool but there was promise of warmth. The only sound was that of birds calling and of distant cattle lowing. You would think that a sailor would yearn for wind but as I’m sure I’ve said before, there is something pure and spiritual in floating quietly on a body of water in a place that is anything but empty.

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One thought

  1. Scott,

    Thanks for being a quite voice when the storm rages.

    Don’t have proven advise for your questions, but have chartered several times. Without a cruiser certification, the charter companies gave me a written test, an interview, then they took my money, and we were on our way. Your experience is very valuable. In fact, I desired a USGC captain’s license, studied for it, had gathered necessary tools, and then found out that my boat insurance rate would double because the captain’s license gave me the right to charge guests for a fun day on the water.

    Thanks again for the diversion. May we all learn to accept less than perfection in our friends and neighbors. I too am imperfect.


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