AP European History students at Watertown High School photographed by Watertown, SD, photographer Scott Shephard. Scott was also a history teacher at WHS for over 30 years.

This photo was a “shoebox” experience about 30 minutes ago. In a quest to find photos I have been ignoring, I started at the chronological beginning of a library of digital photos that has close to 50,000 pictures. About 300 pictures into my search, I found this. I don’t remember taking the photo, but I do remember the class with great fondness.

The light source was a single 150 watt bulb and the camera was my Canon 1D, which represented the state of the art in DSLR photography in 2002. The camera cost $5500 and do I dare say that it was worth every penny? It had a whopping 4.4 megapixel sensor!

The “shoebox experience” is what many of us have encountered when we are searching for something in our closet and we come across a box of forgotten photos. I am sad to say that decades from now, no one will have a clue about all of the digital media that we put into boxes. If the 8-track tape and the floppy disk are evidence of the ephemeral nature of electronic media, imagine what will happened to hard drives and compact flash cards we are using today.

If you want to enjoy your favorite digital photos years from now, you need to get them printed. And then put them in a shoebox.

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  1. Oh my! I recognize two of those smiling faces as two of my daughters. It would be fascinating to learn what became of this special group of young people.

  2. I agree. I’m about to try an experiment with a tool called Voicethread, where people are allowed to look at a photo and leave a recorded comment. We’ll see if these people are shy or not.

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