02-01-12 Kristin

Watertown gymnast Kristin Dunn photographed by Watertown, SD, portrait photographer Scott Shephard

Here’s another photo from my photographic past, this time of Kristin, one of the many fine gymnasts who represented Watertown Senior High School’s gymnastic program. Not only was she a great gymnast but she was a wonderful portrait subject.

This photo was taken at her parents’ dance and gymnastics center, Dakota Gold. As I recall, I hadn’t graduated to strobe lights and so I was using my “hot” lights. The advantage of continuous lighting is that the light you see is the light you get. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t produce a lot of light. Thus, I was forced to use a fairly wide aperture. Truth be told, this photo suffers from camera shake, but ten years ago I wasn’t smart of enough to see that. Today, this is a photo that probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day.

But I like the photo and so to try to make it look good, I used selective sharpening on Kristin’s eyes. And then I blurred everything in Aperture, which is a great tool to help make art out of something that is less than perfect. Kristin, of course, is the most perfect part of this photo. 🙂

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