Duomo Siena

Duomo Siena in Siena, Italy, photographed by Watertown, SD, photographer Scott Shephard

Here’s another photo of the Siena Cathedral and one that I adjusted with Apple’s raw image processing software called Aperture. I think it’s an amazing tool but today I decided it is especially useful to people who shoot architectural interiors in poorly lit places – such as the Duomo Siena. I won’t bore you with the technical details, but there are several places within this photo that got special and unique attention – something I never did in Photoshop.

If you are wondering about all of those faces that are peering outward, those are portraits of every pope going back to St. Peter, Given that the duomo was built in the 1300’s, I wonder if the builders had the foresight and imagination to leave room for at least another seven or eight hundred years of Popes?

Canon 5DII 1/60s f/1.4 ISO400 50mm

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  1. It’s a beaut, Scott. Your after image gives the effect of a brilliantly lit space – and is warmer. How do you feel that represents the actual space? Are colors (golds and blues) as brilliant as in the after?

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