Back At Iron Creek (HDR)

Iron Creek high dynamic range photo taken by Scott Shephard

I make a photographic pilgrimage to this place in the Black Hills of South Dakota two or three times a year. I have taken countless pictures here but in 2009, when the photos for today’s post were taken, I was experimenting with high dynamic range photography. HDR photos are often two or more photos that are exposed for specific parts of a scene and re then combined.

In 2009 the only process I knew for combining two photos into one was a labor intensive task and so I never got around to playing with these pictures. Until yesterday.

The process now involves using an automated process in Photoshop CS5 and then importing the composite into Aperture and doing the fine tuning there.

Beneath today’s post I am revealing the original files. I’m not sure that I should show these files because you might think I am doing something unnatural to the scene to make it look better. But I’m letting you in on a bit of the amazing HDR process. And did Iron Creek really look like the final result in this post? More or less. I say this because HDR processing allows for surrealism and I would say that there is a bit of that here. The result, given the two original files, is certainly intriguing.

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