Big Beach – Maui

Big Beach is the common name for this beach, though it is formally known as Makena Beach State Park.

Yes, it is a “big” beach but it really is known as Big Beach, though officially it is Makena Beach State Park. A few years ago, our family visited Maui and we spent a sunny afternoon enjoying the warmth and the waves of Big Beach.

Incidentally, in doing a search for “Big Beach” to find the official name, I found about 1000 other photos taken from this vantage point. So much for giving the world a different look at things in this blog. . . . And, incidentally, if I rotated 180 degrees and took another photo, I would be photographing Little Beach, where naked people abound. Officially, nudity is illegal on the public beaches of Maui but apparently the authorities look the other way. Do I have photos of that beach? Nope.

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