02-14-12 Monument


This is a shot of the front of the Terry Redlin Center in Watertown, South Dakota. And I think it is a good example of the power of the photographer to direct the viewer’s attention to details and views that he or she wouldn’t or couldn’t get independently. Most people see the Redlin center like this.

I chose to focus on a very small section of columns just under the triangular pediment. I also chose an oblique angle. Finally, I used a telephoto lens to compress the focal plane, something the human eye can’t do.

Am I manipulating you? Youbetcha!

And, as if you don’t already feel used enough, how about my black and white treatment compared to “real” color? I don’t know about you, but I like the b&w version better because the photo seems more unified. The colored version tends to allow you look at features in this scene in a way I don’t want you to.

This is all in a day’s work and these are the kind of things true photographers think about. And my goal in life is to keep getting closer to being a “true photographer.”

Eastern side of the Terry Redlin Center, Watertown, SD, Scott Shephard

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