Me, Myself and I

Self portrait by Scott Shephard

Such is the nature of the creative process that one often ends up with something very different from what was originally planned. Such is the case with today’s rather self-indulgent photo.

The task was to take a self-portrait. I was doing this because I had assigned the same task to my “Lighting for Photographers” students at LATI. My goal was to take something simple that would illustrate the idea. At first I tried using a crystal ball that has been in my family for at least a century. But that didn’t work (I still want to try it!)

I then stepped into my den to see what else I might be able to do and, low and behold, my closet mirrors had me staring back at myself. So I took a photo that showed three of me. And then I remembered that I had an app called WordFoto that I had just downloaded. And then I thought maybe I could do something with layers in Photoshop. . . .

And then I ended up with this photo.

I do believe there is some kind of symbolism in the fact that the part of the photo with “i” all over it shows less of “me.” You tell me what that means!

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