Congregation 2

Large cactus leaves

Yesterday’s photo was a macro close-up of a plant I could have held in the cupped palms of my hands. Today’s plant is a likely relative of yesterday’s, though this is no macro. These leaves could be measured in feet, not inches, and would need a small room to occupy.

Everything about the cactus and succulent section of the Sherman Gardens in Corona del Mar, California, was captivating when I was there with Deb recently. But I was especially struck by the beautiful, strong southwestern light. These leaves are almost glowing – in part because of the reflected light bouncing off of the leaves and also because the leaves are slightly translucent. But it was soft blues and greens of this plant that attracted me to this scene. The sun was warm but the hues were cool.

Incidentally, I am experimenting with a new app on my iPad and iPhone called iPhoto. To Mac users, it is nothing new. But it is new for our portable devices. One of the things it allows is the publication of something called “journals.” Here’s a link to my California journal.

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