Aunt Betty

Early this morning we learned that my dear aunt Betty, my mother’s sister and the sole survivor of the generation that precedes me, passed away. She was 91 and died in her California home – exactly where she wanted to be.

I took this photo in 2007 at one of Betty’s favorite restaurants – Las Brisas in Laguna Beach, California. She is happy in this photo and that’s exactly how my wife described her after a conversation she had with her this past Tuesday.

Her passing is painful to Deb and me on many levels but it is, as I have said before, part of the circle of life. We have yet to plan her funeral, but when she is laid to rest, she will be next to her husband Cliff and within shouting distance of John Wayne. And I have to smile about that. . . .

Two Sisters: Bernice (Mom) and Betty (Beverly)

John Wayne - Grave

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2 thoughts

  1. Great Photos!! It’s pretty amazing being reminded that a photo can last forever, even though her spirit is now in a even better place there is still a little piece of her left right here.

  2. Thank you for sharing that wonderful portrait of Aunt Betty, and thanks for putting her beside your mother’s portrait. Sisters indeed; both endowed with character that was obvious even in their later years. One person stands between me joining you at the apex of a family tree, my mother. My father and all four of his sisters are now gone. Mom’s two sisters and two brothers have been gone for a number of years. As you wrote, ‘part of the cycle of life’.
    Ten days ago I was holding the hand of a dear 61 year-old when she took her last breath. Two weeks ago, I prayed and sat with an unconsolable widow as we waited for the people to come for the corpse of her husband of 56 years. His work in the early 1990’s radically changed my life for the better. Also two weeks ago, I spoke at the memorial service for my fishing buddy for the last 34 years.
    Considering all this, I was reminded of the first few lines of a prayer which I find poetic.
    “God, the generations rise and pass away before you. You are the strength of those who labor; you are the rest of the blessed dead.”
    God bless the memories of Betty, Bernice, Clarence, Clint, Deanna, Burliegh, Kurt, Randolph, Amelia, and Jeff.

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