04-15-12 Textured Geometry

Minnesota State Capitol Building

Lately, I have become very conscious of the role that texture plays in my photography and that what attracts my eye is often the textures in a scene, not the scene itself. And because textures are enhanced (or even caused) by light, photography is all about light. The word photography literally means “writing with light.” Study this photo and if you can see the textures, you can see the light.

Having said that, it’s hard not to see all of the textures in this photo, which is of the south facade of the Minnesota State Capitol building in St. Paul. I liked the color version but when I turned it into black and white, the textures became more important than the color.

For those who care, these columns are Corinthian in style, which is characterized by the elaborate design at the top, known in architecture as the capital.

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