05-03-12 Desi

A senior portrait of Watertown High School graduate Desi. Senior Portrait photographer Scott Shephard

Every once and a while I discover a photo I’d forgotten I had taken. Such is the case with today’s portrait of Desi. This photo was taken in 2002, when I knew very little about portraiture and digital photography.

What I did know was that the secret to good photography was good light. In this case, there is some ambient light in the old farm house we are in. But I was also using a Canon strobe light and a white shoot-through umbrella to my right. The beauty of this lighting set-up was that if I used aperture priority with my Canon flash, my Canon camera would meter the flash just right. It provided wonderful light that looked like window light. You wouldn’t necessarily know that this is an example of flash photography. (I checked the metadata, and, if you look at the catchlight’s in Desi’s eyes, you can see the umbrella.)

Canon 1D 1/160s f/1.8 ISO320 50mm Scott Shephard

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