05-09-12 Belgian Delicacies

I’m not sure if lust makes the list of mortal or deadly sins. And I’m not sure that having a profound desire for real whipped cream and fresh cherries piled on top of a freshly cooked waffle right now constitutes lust. I suppose I could look all of this up but I don’t want to know the answer.

This delicious breakfast was served in a small cafe in the beautiful city of Brugge, Belgium. Deb and I were there a few years ago and I found this photo as I was working on cleaning up old, unnecessary things on my computer. But Belgian waffles are necessary and so is the photo.

But, alas, my breakfast of oatmeal and skim milk is calling me. That’s what I have almost every morning when I am home. Fidelity, of course, is no sin. It is a virtue. . . .

Canon 5DII 1/200s f/2.5 ISO500 50mm (Canon 50mm 1.2L)

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